Krull Lodge - Harrold, South Dakota

Classic Wing-Shooting

Pheasant • Partridge • Sharptail • Prairie Chicken

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Pierre Regional Airport Travel Notice:

Pierre Regional Airports airline, ADI, lost their interline agreement with mainline carriers when Great Lakes Airlines suspended service. ADI continues to use Great Lakes' reservation system but is in the process of developing their own platform in the coming months. The interline agreement is not expected to be in place this year.

What that means to travelers is they will now have to purchase two separate tickets if they're flying beyond DEN.

Tickets to/from PIR - DEN will only be available for purchase at or by calling 800-554-5111 or 605-224-2949 locally. Many travel agents around the country will not be able to find these tickets for the short term.

Another impact is checked bags. Some airlines used to transfer bags through to the final destination but none will do it now. Checked bags will require retrieving bags at the carousel an re-entering security in Denver. I recommend either carry-on bags only or shipping bags through UPS or FedEx. Shipping bags like golf clubs may even be cheaper this way and you won't have to lug them to/from airports.

Please allow two hours between flights in Denver.

City officials are aware of these impacts and are working to restore or improve service. In fact, tonight the City Commission will vote to recommend an Essential Air Service (EAS) airline proposal that could improve connections throughout the country. Stay tuned!

ADI continues to fly their 50 seat jet to Denver 2 times/day every day of the week except 1/day on Wednesday and Sunday. They're completion rate is in the upper 90% and their on-time performance within 5 minutes of departure is hovering near 80%. And pricing continues to be as low as $100 each way, including walkup fares. There are $75 tickets available this month too. Great for last minute trips! Most travelers have expressed an appreciation of this service over the past year and a half. While there are some setbacks, over all ADI's service is still a quantum leap over previous air carriers in Pierre.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions. I will keep you posted with any updates as the come forward.

Thanks for your patronage. Pierre Regional Airport continues its mission to provide Central South Dakota with excellent air transportation to all corners of the world.

Mike Isaacs | Airport Manager


"Hunters looking for an antidote to the military-style pheasant drives common across much of South Dakota may want to check out Krull Lodge. Located 30 miles east of Pierre, the lodge sits amid gently rolling prairie that is home to a mix of sharp-tailed grouse, prairie chickens, Hungarian partridge and, of course, plenty of ringnecks. ...

The food at Krull was some of the finest I've enjoyed in visits to perhaps 150 lodges throughout the world."

-- Chris Dorsey, Shooting Sportsman

Experience The Best of South Dakota!

The Krull ranch, located 30 miles east of South Dakota's capital city of Pierre, has been carefully maintained by the Krull family for nearly 100 years.

This spectacular property of over 11,000 acres offers hunting in several diversified landscapes, including wide sweeping ravines, rolling prairie hills, abandoned tree-covered farmsteads overgrown into perfect pheasant cover, plus lakes, dams and streams surrounded by brushy draws and heavy cattails. The natural cover, accented with abundant food plots, is a wildlife paradise for the many species of gamebirds native to the area.